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The time has finally come; Europe has its own large drag production. The hippest and most progressive city in the Netherlands has the honour to host this show. The Rotterdam Drag Show starts on April 10, 2020 in the Schiecentrale studios  with a mouth watering cast. We can safely say that this is the biggest drag show in Europe. If you were ever curious about drag this is your opportunity to experience us live.

What are you going to experience


An evening like no other. The show is built in a 'classic revue' form. It contains all the elements that make up a fantastic evening. Heart felt emotions and Laughing out loud follow each other at a rapid pace. But it's not over yet. Afterwards we go wild. The Drag Dance after party  makes sure of that. During the After Party  you have the chance  to get to know our Queens in person. We strive for a great evening at top level, not only the show but also the beautiful and cool setting of the Schiecentrale, perfect service and good wine are self-evident.


2020 is a special year for Rotterdam. The biggest music event in the world takes place in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam Drag Show is honoring this event with the special Eurovision edition of the show. What this means? You will have to come and find out!

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We want to pay tribute to the incredible Miss RuPaul Charles. What she has done for the art form of Drag can hardly be exaggerated. This show would not have been possible without RuPaul paving the way to make the art of drag something that is valued by all who have an open mind. 


Abby OMG
Envy Peru
Vanessa van Cartier
Lead performer
Skyla Versai

Schiecentrale Rotterdam,

For groups larger than 16 persons, please contact the producer Co Solo events directly or 010-5110515
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